Online Survey on “Architecting for Continuous Deployment”

Please click on the link, if you are interest. This survey will take just 20 minutes of your time

Research Team: Mojtaba Shahin, Prof. M. Ali Babar, Dr. Liming Zhu, and Dr. Mansooreh Zahedi

General Information

This survey aims at investigating how applications should be architected to enable and better support the principles of DevOps (Development and Operations) and Continuous Delivery/Deployment practices (i.e., frequently and reliably releasing new features and products with as much automation support as possible, close collaboration between Development and Operations teams, etc.). Furthermore, this survey is aimed at quantifying and augmenting the initial findings obtained from interviews with software industrial practitioners. If you are an industrial practitioner (e.g., developer, architect, consultant, program manager, tester, operations engineer, etc.) who works in DevOps context or DevOps practices, e.g., Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous DElivery (CDE), Continuous Deployment (CD), Microservices, and Deployment Automation, we would appreciate it if you kindly fill out the survey.

Ethics Approval

This study has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee at the University of Adelaide (approval number H-2015-270) (you can download the Ethics Approval from this link).

Participant Information Sheet