Research Title: Architecting for Continuous Deployment and DevOps

Research Team: Mojtaba Shahin, Muhammad Ali Babar, Liming Zhu

If you agree to participate please contact me through:

Contact :  mojtabashahin AT gmail DOT com | mojtaba.shahin AT adelaide DOT edu DOT au

Study Goal

Development and Operations (DevOps) in the context of Continuous Deployment (CD) have emerged as an attractive software development movement, which tries to establish a strong connection between development and operations teams. CD is defined as the ability to quickly put new releases into production, with as much automation as possible. We believe that DevOps/CD contexts bring new challenges for architects, in which considerably impacts both on their (architectural) design decisions and their organizational responsibilities. We assert that there is an important and urgent need of sufficient research work to gain a deep understanding of how DevOps/CD adoption can influence the architecting, architectural decision‐making processes and their outcomes in an organization. Therefore, this project is aimed at understanding and addressing new challenges for designing architectures of complex systems that would be following the DevOps/CD paradigm.

Expected Participants for Interview

The people who either have invaluable experiences in (re-) architecting for DevOps and continuous deployment (e.g., architect) or are closely involved with or influenced by architecture (e.g., maintainer, operations engineer) are highly appreciated. The interview will last approximately 60 minutes and the data extracted from interview will be subject to confidentiality (i.e., the anonymity of individuals and organisations). We invite participants holding following positions in different organisations with divergent domains and of varying business sizes:

  • Architect
  • Architecture Reviewer
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Developer
  • Maintainer
  • Tester
  • Operations Engineer
  • Release Engineer
  • System Administrator/Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Build Engineer
  • Consultant

Potential Reward

The participants will be given a free copy of newly published DevOps book titled: DevOps: A Software Architect’s Perspective (SEI Series in Software Engineering), 1st Edition, 2015
Authors: Len Bass, Ingo Weber, Liming Zhu


The main outcome of this research will be a framework and associated tools, which can provide invaluable support for designing and evaluating architecture for CD/DevOps-amenable applications.


2 thoughts on “DevOps

    • Dear Randy Tangco,

      Thanks for your comment and interest.
      You only need to kindly participate in an interview (e.g., it can be Skype interview) and answer to some questions. You are supposed to select a project in your organization which has already adopted the DevOps or Continuous Deployment or even Continuous Integration paradigm and answer to questions in the interview. I should say that we can send to you the questions of interview in advance (i.e., before conducting interview). It is worth noting that the data extracted in the interview is subject to confidentiality (i.e., the anonymity of individuals, organization and project).
      Please let me know if you need more information.


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