Mojtaba Shahin

Mojtaba Shahin, PhD

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I am recruiting PhD students interested in Software Engineering. More specifically, Software Engineering for AI-based Systems, AI for Software Engineering, Software Architectures, Human and Social Aspects of Software Engineering, Secure Software Engineering, and Socio-technical Aspects of Cyber Security.

If that sounds like you, please contact me!

mojtaba.shahin AT rmit DOT edu DOT au

Short Bio

I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the School of Computing Technologies at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. Previously, I was a Research Fellow in the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University. I completed my Ph.D. study in Computer Science with a major in Software Engineering in 2018 at The University of Adelaide, Australia. My research in Ph.D. was focused on “Architecting and Organizing for DevOps”, which was funded by the Australian Research Training Program Scholarship and CSIRO’s Data61. The main outcome of my Ph.D. research was a conceptual framework to support the process of (re-) architecting for DevOps (i.e., “Characterizing DevOps-driven Architectures”). Befotr Ph.D., I worked as a lecturer and researcher at Neyriz Islamic Azad University.

I am passionate about research on Software Engineering. My research goals are (i) to develop a deep understanding of how large-scale software-intensive systems are designed, developed and evaluated in the industry, and (ii) to develop and evaluate techniques, processes, and tools to increase the ability of software organizations in developing and deploying high-quality software-intensive systems. My research interests reside primarily in Software Architecture, Empirical Software Engineering, DevOps, Secure Software Engineering, Software Engineering for AI, AI for Software Engineering, Human and Social Aspects of Software Engineering, and Qualitative Research. In my research, I use a wide range of research methods including qualitative (e.g., grounded theory and interviews) and quantitative (e.g., controlled experiment and mining software repositories) methods.

I also have 6+ years of experience in software industries as a software engineer and software consultant.

Contact: mojtaba.shahin AT rmit DOT edu DOT au